Fresh Flower Care Tips

Flowers drink a lot of water! It is best to change water every 1-2 days. They are very susceptible to bacteria that builds up as stems sit in the water. For vased arrangements we suggest carefully tipping the vessel over the sink to remove water and refill with fresh water. Be careful to not get the blooms wet, this may cause browning and drooping. 

Avoid putting your flowers in direct sun light, near heat, or close to a draft. A cool shaded place is best for your arrangement. Also avoid placing near ripening fruit! When you sit your flowers next to ripening fruit, they are being exposed to ethylene gas which may make them drop their petals.

Fresh cut when possible. 

Dried Flower Care Tips

Dried flowers need no water or food. They are preserved and processed to last years! They can be fragile, some more than others. Avoid direct sun, heat, cold temps and humidity.