Meet Jesse & Billie of Backbone Floral & Vintage.

Jesse first fell in love with flowers as a teenager working at a flower shop and her deep love for flowers has only grown stronger over the years. She moved to San Diego in 2003 with her best friend and started working at a flower shop in Hillcrest.

In 2008, she moved back to her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, and opened a bar/restaurant with her then-husband. After some major life shifts , she decided to return to San Diego and get back in the flower game. And though she had stepped away from floral design for years, the moment she got her hands green again, it was as if she’d never stopped. In 2015, she launched a partnership with a friend she met in floral design school where they did mostly weddings and events.

We love Mission Hills!

Backbone was founded in 2019 with the focus of daily flower orders, custom dried florals, and curating vintage goods. You can now find other fun goodies in the shop like cards, hand made gifts, and much more!

Jesse’s love for collecting vintage started at a very young age, but it wasn’t until Backbone was launched that she started selling items from her collection. She loves just about anything that tells a story but mostly has an eye for bohemian, mid century, and loves collecting 80’s modern vases and floral prints.

Jesse and Billie love being a part of their wonderful community of Mission Hills and hope to see you in the shop soon!