Welcome to 'Billie Basil' bouquets!

Billie Basil has played a huge role in the making and determination behind Backbone Floral and Vintage. Bonus, she loves playing with flowers as much as her mom does! Bille Basil Bouquets are the perfect little bouquets to hand off as a thank you, I love you, or just because, all while giving back to children in need.
(Bouquets are designed using designer's choice seasonal blooms)

With every Billie Basil Bouquet purchase we will donate 25% of proceeds to different children’s charities and local youth organizations throughout the year. These bouquets are available for pick-up only.

Now through Spring we are giving back to: INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF HEARTS.
International Network of Hearts is a 501c-3 non-profit organization that brings hope, safety and empowerment to young girls recovering from human trafficking.

Billie Basil

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