Dried Flower Arrangements By Backbone

by Jesse Zmuda on May 22, 2021

Our love for them is real. Anyone else think of their grandma when they think of dried flowers? It's like that nostalgic chotchke or trinket that I like to talk about often. When you see it, it takes you back. Its almost vintage, am I right??

I have always loved drying my own flowers and grasses. After working in flower shops as a teenager I saw how much waste accumulated and thought why??! Did you know some flowers are easy enough to dry that you can just hang them in a dark place and in weeks, VOILA!

Now a days more flowers, leaves, and trees are being "dried" aka dyed, bleached and processed to give that everlasting beauty and we are here for it.

Yes, of course we love the idea of a natural process of drying flowers, that is why we also carry our "dried in-house" bouquets on hand as well.  

But if you've been "pinning" your wedding inspiration or have been anywhere with a trendy vibe, you've seen theses processed beauties.

Our premium dried bar has over 30 stems to choose from. We carry dried flowers, preserved flowers, dried grasses, dried pampas grass, dried lavender, and much more!