Backbone Floral And Vintage Has a New Home!

by Jesse Zmuda on January 19, 2021
We're excited to share what's been happening over the holidays here at Backbone! In the last few weeks we've been working extremely hard to launch our new website and we're super excited to share it with everyone! 

Our new site gives us a chance to share much more of the exciting things we have going on. We're going to be adding a lot of vintage items here as well.  We have a lot of goodies that you guys never get to see but with our new site we'll be able to share much easier.

We have also added new branded Backbone items to the site! We're excited to start showing these off in coming days as well.

We've also made a bunch of fun upgrades and changes at our store. Number one on that list is our new sign! Now people driving by can actually see us! So no excuse for people to say "we didn't know you guys were here!" Ha!

We're also excited to share our new 'dried flower bar'! While we've had this going for some time, we've recently changed things around so it's now front and center in the little nook in the shop!  A perfect spot for you to let your creativity go wild. There will be a constantly changing assortment of options to choose from and we'll be making sure to keep it exciting!

On top of all this the shop is looking great with a new coat of floor paint! With all the moving parts last year the floor got pretty beat up and now is looking great! It's the little things.  :)

Stop in and say hi or take a look online. We're excited for a new year and a new look here at Backbone Floral And Vintage.